We belief in Jesus Christ. the saviour of the world

We value our relationship with you and constantly looking for ways to care and bring closer to you and your family the incomparable love of God. We place premium on the life of every member of this great commission including you, more reason why we are committed to always deliver to you the undiluted word of God through the power of the Holy Ghost that is meant to make a remarkable difference and a positive change in your socio-economic, businesses, jobs, careers, finances and families. As such we are set to make fundamental improvements in our experiences and in any trace of our weaknesses across all touch points by the guidance of the word of God.

For us in Pentecostal Canaanland Mission, Heaven is our final mark and we are conscious of those glorious moments of rapture, but yet we believe as we eagerly await that moment when Jesus Christ will ascend the very elects with him by rapture to that beautiful place of eternal abode where the presence of God is mighty in prosperity of the spirit, soul & body, good health, peace and perfect rest, we believe we can still have a measured full and taste of those expected prosperity of God here on earth.
As a result, we encourage you to fellowship with us in all our services as these services has become an avenue for transformations, focal visions and the instruments to guide everyone to the point of preparation.


We are confident that, as you continually fellowship with us or make plans to join in any of our services, the next couple of months afterward there must be a traceable real-time presence of God and remarkable testimony of God’s move in your life.
We sincerely look forward to seeing you every time and welcoming you in our midst always.

Once again, we appreciate you and we are eager to having you in our midst
God bless you!

Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa Senior Pastor, Pentecostal Canaanland Mission.

Email: pastornick@canaanlandmission.org