Every Sundays: 9.05a.m-11.30a.m

In this service, expect quality worships, soul lifting ministrations in songs that are capable of bringing down the glory and the presence of God by our shalomite Choir International, after which the servant of God brings the word of God with powerful prophetic declarations backed by the word and believing God to move in the midst of His people, beloved it is a service you may not want to be told of what God is doing, so make plans to attend.

Every Wednesday: 6.00p.m-8.00p.m

The school of ministry in Pentecostal Canaanland is a 2hrs power packed teaching and interactive service. It’s usually a refreshing time in God’s presence revealing the mysteries that are available in the word of God. It’s a time to dig deep into the scripture, a time to listen to what God is saying about you and your situation through His word and most importantly, a time to ask questions and by the special of grace of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit get clear and correct answers.

Please, I encourage you don’t miss our school of ministry for any reason, make out time to be part of this 2hrs teaching spry ” For my people are perishing daily because they lack the knowledge of my word”

Every Thursday: 9.00a.m-12.00p.m


This is a prophetic and miracle service hour. A solution hour to all kind of troubles of life. Is usually a time for the servant of God Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa to minister to every individual one-on-one revealing to them what God is saying about their situations.

It is a time to receive 24hours miracles. If you have not experience any tangible miracle in your life since you were born, please be part of the winners & miracle service hour every Thursday, it is better experienced than being told, am very confident that your miracle will locate you in not more than 24hrs. No matter the nature of your troubles, be it barrenness, No Job, No Husband, No wife, No money, No Business, No sales in your business, No promotion in your office, or you are afflicted with any kind sickness or may be you are under spiritual attack or spiritual spell by the manipulation of the wicked ones, just come on Thursday, before the service ends, I am very sure there must be a cry in the camp of your enemies and God would have restored back your joy. Please be there!.

Every 1st Sundays of the month: 8.00a.m-11.30a.m

Every 1st Sunday that precedes night of wonders Extra-ordinary is a Sunday to celebrate the victory of God received at the night of wonders and an anointing of impartation to seal up those victories.

It’s usually an amazing service of true worships, songs, dancing, rejoicing and receiving prophetic declarations. Always ministering, Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa. Join us today and you will never regret you did.

Every 1st Monday of the month: 6p.m-8.00p.m


This is an interdenominational programme for men and women who are trusting God to be settled in marriage with God’s best choice for their lives for better and wonderful families. It is usually the gathering of men and women who want to be properly guided with a spiritual counsel and a spiritual direction for their jobs, their careers, their businesses and their finances and above all, the single summit programme in Pentecostal Canaanland mission is one of the visions God gave to His servant Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa to build Faith in life of the singles and to tell them they can succeed, they can realize and maximize the talents and the potential God has deposited in their to standout among their equals and become envied by all.

Every 1st Fridays of the Month: 10.00p.m-5.00a.m

This is an all night power packed extra-ordinary service where the raw power of God is usually seen in operation. A service where the supernatural powers of the Holy Ghost Operates at the very peak delivering the oppress, breaking yokes and chains of the devil from the lives of men and women, recovering destinies and stolen glory of men and women back from the hand of the devil and his cohorts, a night where thousands of Angels of God usually come visiting and the glory of God comes down in earnest.

Histories of testimonies has revealed that, no body attends the Night of Wonders Extra-ordinary in Pentecostal Canaanland Mission and have his/her life remains the same, there is usually a change of lives to better and a parading shift to a new and better level.

Above all, a night where God Almighty Himself does extra work in the lives of His congregation, destroying evil and wicked alters. Why don’t you want to be part of this service, you never can tell God may just be waiting for you in particular, make plans to attend !

Every Sundays: 8.00a.m-9.000a.m

We start our Sunday service with a teaching class called Leadership Summit. Leadership summit is an extension of Wednesday school of ministry, where the netigrity of the word of God is been revealed.

Leadership summit is organized to train and raise everyone to become leaders that knows the truth of the word of God and guided by the standard of the scripture and to become leaders in every facets of life.

It is usually a gathering of positive minded men and women who desire to hear and apply the expository revelation of the word in their services and relationship with God, and most importantly to their circular and social activities.

If you really desire to have a sound relationship with God and to become outstanding in every other facets of life,
Make plans to join Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa every Sunday from 8.00a.m-9.00a.m for sound teachings.