About Us.

Pentecostal Canaanland Mission, Inc is a Holy Ghost filled Church. It is not Just a church, it is a vision; God’s given vision to raise multi-cultural people with the extra-ordinary grace of prosperity of the spirit, soul and body and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Most importantly, to reach the world for Christ, bringing prosperity to the body of Christ and preparing the saints for rapture.

This vision called "Pentecostal Canaanland Mission" has touched several hundreds and thousands of lives through the grace, anointing and the power of the undiluted word of God that usually comes from the sanctified alter. Over 14 years ago, God handed over this great vision into the hands of His servant Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa and empowered him with high significant level of grace and anointing to deliver the oppressed by the power of the Holy Ghost and the mandate to break all elements and traces of poverty. Beloved, permit me to quickly inform you at this point that, we in Pentecostal Canannland Mission believes that you have no reason to be financially, material or physically poor once you fellowship with this local assembly, because God Himself has spiritually equipped His servant to deliver every one that identifies in one way or the other with this ministry from financial limitations and challenges, this is the primary assignment and area of specialization of this servant of God Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa.

The grace of God upon this vision “Pentecostal Canaanland Mission” through his servant also extends to the covenant of safe delivery. From the date of inception of this commission till today

Every pregnant woman in Pentecostal Canaanland Mission has continually enjoyed the covenant of safe delivery, as I speak, no woman in Pentecostal Canaanland mission labours more than 20mins and after each labour, mother and child come out alive, unscratched and without any kind of complication, hence in Pentecostal Canaanland Mission we celebrate and presents babies at every service of worship, this is simply amazing!. Great deliverances from spiritual attacks, recovery of marriages that devil has marked for destructions, recovery of businesses that are on the verge of collapse or already collapsed, redefining the life of career men and women to be properly positioned in their careers, deliverance for women whom devil has marked and closed their wombs not to have children of their own, all of these and many more are what God is using His servant to do in Pentecostal Canaanland Mission.

Above all, releasing the undiluted word of God exactly the way it is in the scripture is what the servant of God Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa has done over these past years and which he is still doing. If it is not in the scripture, we will not preach it, we will not obey it and we will not practice it, hence, for us all in this great commission, the word of God in the scripture is our guide, our standard and our mirror because we are conscious of rapture and at the end we want to make heaven at last, why don't you want to join us in this great assembly and enjoy the immeasurable presence of the Holy spirit in all our services at the international headquarters, PENTECOSTAL CANAANLAND MISSION, INC.

Pentecostal Canaanland Mission, Inc is a symbol of gathering of the children of God and where the true presence of the Holy Spirit dwells in every service of worship.